Virtual Minor

The minor Environmental Geography is a virtual minor, which means that learning in class transcends physically being in the classroom!

virtual minor

All the lectures are performed ower BigBlueButton, which is a teaching platform that allows students to see their lecturer through web cams and pose questions in chat form. Teachers are also physically available in the classrooms listed in the student schedules in the campus in Breda.

All coursework materials are also online, but rooms and facilities to accomodate you for the classes are reserved for students that think of attending the lectures physically!

But how would project meetings work?

In order to set team goals and create cohesive group work for projects, contact with all members is important! How would one do that if one of your team members is half a hemisphere away?

project meeting

In terms of project meetings, virtual meetings are done through Skype and Google+ as some students are often abroad during this minor. All lectureres strive to ensure that all meetings suit both parties, regardless of difference in time zones.