Modules and Videos

There are 5 modules and for each module a corresponding homework. The modules are explained by short videos on a playlist on The data used in the videos can be downloaded free-of-charge by the following link: click here. The book that the exercises come from and to which the videos refer to can be purchased by clicking here or can be found on many online bookstores. The book is a very nice compliment to the videos, but the course can be completed without it.


Homework/Module Subject Corresponding Explanation Video (as seen in playlist: click here or follow the hyperlinks in the text below)
1 Introduction to GIS Exercise 3a

Exercise 3b

Exercise 3c

Exercise 4a

Exercise 4b

Exercise 4c

2 Displaying Data Exercise 5a

Exercise 5b

Exercise 5c

Exercise 5d

Exercise 6a

Exercise 6b

Exercise 6c

Exercise 6d

3 Data queries in GIS Exercise 8a

Exercise 8b

Exercise 8c

Exercise 9a

Exercise 9b

Exercise 10a

Exercise 10b

4 Introduction to ArcToolbox Exercise 11a

Exercise 11b

Exercise 11c

Exercise 11d

Exercise 12a

Exercise 12b

Exercise 12c

5 Building Geodatabases Exercise 14a

Exercise 14b

Exercise 14c

Exercise 15a

Exercise 15b

Exercise 16a

Exercise 16b

Exercise 16c

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Assignments and Data for Assignments