Prerequisites for the minor

Environmental geography describes the spatial aspects of interactions between humans and the natural world. It requires an understanding of the dynamics of climatology, hydrology, biogeography, geology and geomorphology.

This course represents a critically important set of analytical tools for assessing the impact of human presence on the environment by measuring the result of human activity on natural landforms and cycles. This program draws on courses within physical geography, including a distinctive strand of courses dealing with environmental issues, resources and management.

The following are the requirements for taking part in this minor:

  • 120 ECTS points or equivalent (approximately 2 years of study) at the Bachelor level or higher
  • Demonstrated ability to speak and write English and be able to work in an international group of students/researchers
  • Basic knowledge of statistics and mathematics. Be able to maintain an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Basic level (approximately one year) of a study that lends itself to the subject (Environmental Sciences, Geosciences, Policy Studies, Information Technology/Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Civil Engineering)
  • A desire to learn more about the environment, biodiversity, ecology and geography.

If you have any questions about these requirements or if you would like to know if you qualify for this minor, please send your  correspondences to  If you are an Avans student, you may register for the minor in Osiris. If you are not a student at Avans University, then you may apply to take part of the minor by registering here.