Here are the key lecturers in the minor Environmental Geography and their areas of expertise.

Profile Photo NathanNathan Bowden has worked for Avans University of Applied Science since 2009. He is a lecturer of Environmental Science, is the co-ordinator of International Programs for the Department of Environmental Science, is a lead researcher for the Biobased Energy Research Group and an external researcher at Wageningen University and Research. In the minor, he teaches a lot of courses in the minor, ranging from supervising wayward students for the minor projects to E-classes for Environmental Geography and Biotechnology.

profile photo Maurice

Maurice van Haperen has worked at Avans University since 2009. Maurice is the profile co-ordinator at the department of Engineering and ICT. He teaches courses in software development, programming and databases. Next to his work at Avans University of Applied Science he is a Business Developer at Pondres.He teaches the enthralling database course in the first half of the minor.

Sandra Keetels-SnelSandra Snel is a new addition to the Avans teaching team, having started only on August 2015. However, her ten-year experience as a consultant for a local consultancy company and thorough knowledge of mapping systems makes her a vital part of the teaching team. She teaches Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Cartography classes for the minor. She also supervised students in the minor projects.


Marjon Verhoeven has been a lecturer in Avans for over 25 years-from 1990!  She specializes in chemistry and anything with soil-be it remediation, chemical analysis or the pure theoretical science of it. She is also considered to be a lab expert and has a very wide knowledge of laboratory processes and analysis. In the minor next fall, she will play the role of a supervisor for the minor projects.


Ilse Rovers joined the Avans team in May 2014. She is a biologist, and she specialises in ecologically based courses. She has much experience, ranging in various areas like consultancy, impact assessments and spatial planning-but they all loop back to ecology, her area of expertise.  She coached students during the minor project in 2015.