Assignments and Data

There are five assignments. These assignments and their corresponding data are:

Assignment 1 and Data for assignment 1.

Assignment 2 and Data for assignment 2

Assignment 3 and Data for assignment 3

Assignment 4 and Data for assignment 4

Assignment 5 and Data for assignment 5

Each assignment is different and can be completed by entering short answers and/or screenshots of work. Please show the entire screen in your screenshot. A screenshot can be made on most computers by pressing the function + printscreen button and then pasting this (control+P or right-click->select paste) into the assignment.

Data is reused for several assignments, however, each assignment can be done independently with the data provided. You will have to unzip the data by right-clicking the folder and selecting “Extract folder to…” and selecting a folder where you would like to have the extracted data.

When you have completed all five assignments (don’t forget to put your name on them), zip them into one folder (again, with your name on it) and send them to: with your name in the subject heading.

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